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The highest human act is to inspire.

Cordell is an accomplished entrepreneur from Birmingham; he has used adversity and difficult situations in his early life to become the unstoppable force he is today.

As a young black male growing up in urban inner-city Birmingham Cordell faced vast challenges around crime and drugs, but he chose to keep on the straight and narrow. Early school life was very turbulent. He quickly became disengaged with the education system, believing that it was a rigid structure with one end goal; not designed for people with his innovative flair.

This led to him spending most of his time in detention and isolation. After eventually being expelled from school, Cordell moved to the Caribbean with his mother and brother. He spent over a year in the new, raw environment learning self-discipline and seeing how people with 'less' made 'more' of their resources.

Upon returning to the UK he was introduced to his first self-development book 'Rich Dad Poor Dad'. Cordell swiftly became interested in business, entrepreneurship, and self-development. This new-found enthusiasm helped him re-condition his mindset for success. His first venture was buying and selling electronics online, and it became very profitable.

Since then he has progressed beyond all expectation, and is now founder and CEO of two growing organisations: Mungo Sports and We Shine Group Holdings. Cordell wanted to share his experiences and empowerment with the world. He delivers motivational speaking and mindset training to schools, colleges, universities, and corporate events throughout the UK. He has had the privilege to speak at Black History Month and his accomplishments have been recognised within his local community.

His drive is to deliver inspirational workshops to teach young people about entrepreneurship, and realise their potential.

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